Want to host a Nibblr dinner, but not even able to properly boil an egg? No worries! It’s all about being together, whether it’s over a bland pasta or a Michelin star meal. Still, there’s nothing more fun than cooking something delicious and being proud of your own creation. So let’s all improve our skills! See what kitchen secrets we managed to pull from these fabulous chefs:

Sean, chef at Antichiq, Rotterdam


  • Add two tablespoons of the water are cooking your pasta in to your pasta sauce. Doing so adds flavour, will help glue the pasta and sauce together and also thickens the sauce a little bit extra.



  • Leave your meat to rest in aluminium foil for about 2 minutes, before serving out the dish.

Arnold, chef at Jamie Bennett, The Hague


  • Always taste your dish multiple times while you’re cooking. Keep a spoon next to the stove at all times so you don’t forget!


  • The more finely you chop up your vegetables, the more flavour is released. At the same time, they will lose their nutritive value faster so make sure to eat them the same day.


  • Want to cook spaghetti, but not sure how to get the quantities right? Make circle with your index finger and thumb. The amount that fits inside equals a serving for one person!


Gabriele, working in Utrecht, has been a chef in London, New York and Paris

  • To whip up a good risotto, you need to add vegetable broth. Make it yourself, for instance with carrot, onion, and celery, which is easiest to make. Then pour the broth in the risotto plan, little by little.


  • Don’t ever stir rice while it’s cooking! On the other hand, pasta needs to be stirred frequently.


Gloria, pastry chef at Konditorei Jonkblut, Germany


  • I know this doesn’t make sense with instant cravings, you need to let your cookie dough hang out in the fridge for a day or two to get the best results. This dries out the dough which gives it a better texture and adds to the flavour.