What is social dining and why should you try it out?

Have you ever wondered how often we socialize? Even though it is hard to gather precise statistics, it is estimated by The Sainsbury’s Living Well Index report that around 50% do not socialize more than 1 time per month. Even accounting for all the introverts out there it seems to be a high number. This behaviour is not very typical for human beings because even since the days of the dawn we were gathering together to share meals, stories, experiences and feelings. That brings us to the social dining concept, a new way to socialize in the 21st century.

Benefits of social dining

Social dining has a lot of advantages for different people for people from all walks of life. Whether you are a host or a guest or even a person who does not use the concept of social.

Meet new friends, locals, expats, vegans

The greatest advantage of social dining is the ability to meet people in an unconventional way. While there are traditional ways of going to the bar, restaurant and events, social dining provides you with an opportunity to meet someone at their home or even invite them to yours. Isn't that the best way to get to know someone?

Showcase your cooking skills

Some people are really into cooking and cooking can be considered an art. So what is the point of creating and art if no one can see it? With social dining, you can display your skillset and hospitality to those who can truly appreciate it.

Share your culture

Social dining is a perfect way to share your culture with others and if you are looking for a new cultural experience, food can become a real touchpoint.


Nibblr and social dining

Now that you know exactly what social dining is, how does Nibblr fit into this?

Nibblr is a platform that connects people who love to cook, whether professional or as a hobby, with people who like to eat delicious home-cooked meals. It has a dream to see communities, cities, and entire countries (re)connected as one big family.


How it works

The Nibblr app lets you see when people around you are cooking dinner so you can join them for a tasty meal! Use your phone to get off your phone. On the app, you will see a map with all the meals that other Nibblers offer in your area. You can come over to have dinner with people from all walks of life, and become friends over the course of a meal. If you like cooking yourself, you can easily host a dinner, or offer a meal for takeaway.

See what is offered in your area

Check the map to see what is available near you: There is a good chance that picking up a home-cooked meal in your area is Faster, healthier, and cheaper than ordering or getting fast-food.

Explore through groups

Nibblr has several groups you can join. Here, you can chat, meet people, and host/join dinners with the community. This way, you can easily meet people who have the same taste, interests, or who live nearby.

Make friends

You’re certain to make new friends during your first Nibblr dinner. Add them in the app so you can chat, see what meal they’re joining next, and invite them when you are cooking something special yourself.


Earn money while doing what you love

On Nibblr, hosts determine the price of their food. Although it is optional to set a price, it helps you cover the costs, or even make some money from all the love and effort you put in.

Using Nibblr during covid

Although having dinner together is not possible at the moment, now it’s more important than ever to stay connected with other people.

Nibblr has introduced takeaway so you can still enjoy home-cooked meals, from the comfort and safety of your own home. Having small-talk at someone's door (from a safe distance) still allows you to connect: We’re all in this together.

Start Social Dining!

Now you know what it is, why not join the social dining movement? Join a world wherein people from all walks of life can walk into any home and find a hospitable host, willing to trade a good meal for a good story. Get to know new places, new recipes, and most importantly: New people.


Whether you want to cook, find a cheap way to eat healthy, meet your neighbours, or organize a barbeque with drinks on a summer day in the park, start with Nibblr.