The best vegan food: Home cooked on Nibblr

Going vegan has a lot of benefits for both yourself and the environment, however, it is not easy to make this change. After all: ‘Eating vegan is easy, being vegan is not’. It can be an isolating experience, but Nibblr has a solution.







Being vegan can be difficult, especially now

Many vegans experience the same issue: it can be lonely, making it hard to stick through. Luckily, you’re not alone: The vegan community is growing faster than ever, but it might not always feel like it, especially during a global pandemic.


Vegan food on Nibblr

There is a way you can still meet new people, quickly pick up vegan food near you and discover recipes that fit into your lifestyle: Nibblr, the social dining app. Nibblr shows you what other users are offering in your area, so you can pick up a delicious meal, or come over for dinner as soon as that is possible again.


You can also share your cooking skills by offering a meal on Nibblr yourself.



Vegan wrap with cauliflower

Discover the vegan community

On Nibblr, there is an active community of fellow vegans, they even have their own group in the app. This is the perfect place to:

Exchange recipes

Share your recipes in the group, or try new ones during dinners or takeaway. A wide variety of different people results in a lot of opportunities: traditional, non-vegan meals are often remade vegan-style by Nibblr users.



Meet fellow vegans

there are 100+ people that are excited to meet each other and share experiences. They might even live a couple blocks away.



Make friends

Eating together is a quick way to establish friendship. It might be out of your comfort zone to have dinner with a group of strangers, but you won’t regret it.



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