Home cook - become one or find nearby


-When restaurants are closed and it seems that social is now associated only with distancing,-

-Nibblr offers a way for people to safely improve their leisure.-



Who is a home cook?

A home cook is not necessarily a professional chef that cooks at home, though it should be noted that there are freelance chefs who do that. A home cook is a person who enjoys cooking to the level that he wants to share his authenticity, culture and flavours with others while cooking in a home environment.


Why Nibblr is THE solution?

Nibblr is a social dining app that allows people to cook their meals at home and share them via the app for any reasonable price in any possible quantity. With Nibblr you can automate the money collection process, find guests and keep in touch with them through the integrated messaging system. You can also make friends with users in the app and invite them for a meal as you see fit.

On the other hand, a guest can easily find a cook nearby by searching on the map. The easy and simple interface of the app allows you to purchase a meal with just a few clicks.

Why is this a perfect alternative to restaurants?

First of all, restaurants are closed right now and it just does not seem fair to pay a high price for a meal if the service is not included. The average price for a meal via Nibblr app is cheaper which makes it fair for customers. Secondly, you can easily make friends and try as many meals as there are people.



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