A guide for how to use Nibblr

Whether you’re looking to join a dinner, take away a quick meal, or cook something up yourself, doing so should be quick and easy so you can focus on the important things: Connecting! This guide will teach you what you need to know so you can start social dining with confidence.


Before you get started

Setting things up

Before you can get started, you need to set up a couple of things, but don’t worry: It’s a breeze!


Download the app

Let’s start at the very beginning: Downloading the Nibblr app. This is the place where all the dinner planning takes place: You can offer dinners, check the map to see what’s available in your area, join communities with like-minded people, and have a chat with the other Nibblr users. You can download the app in the Apple app store, and the Google Play Store.


Create an account and verify

After you have downloaded Nibblr, you will be asked to create an account. You fill in your email, name, date of birth, and then you create a password. There’s just one more thing to do before you can start discovering the app: Verify your account. To do so: Go to your email (also check the spam folder), open the mail from Nibblr, and click the verify button, that’s it!

Browse through the app

This is where the fun starts. You can open the Nibblr app and check out all the features. The app opens the map automatically so you can already check what is available in your area, yum.


Personalize your profile

After spending some time checking out what other users are cooking, it is time for them to get to know you! Right now, your profile doesn’t look very friendly as there is no personal information or profile picture, just a gray figure :(. 


To change this, click on ‘Profile’ in the bottom navigation bar and select ‘Personal data’. Here, you can enter useful information such as your address so once you start hosting, people know where to go (don’t worry, not everyone will be able to see this, your location is indicated by a gray circle so users have an idea where to go, but the exact location will only be revealed to users who join your dinner or takeaway), your preferred language, and most importantly: A description about yourself! Let others know what your hobbies are, or your favorite food, or tell them a defining character trait of yours, perhaps you know a funny joke you’d like to share in there. This is the way others will get to know you before you meet them in real life.


Finally, it’s time to add a profile picture. To do so, click on the gray figure, and select an image from your gallery, or make one on the spot.

Be the guest everyone wants

An easy way to get a feel for how Nibblr works, and why it is so fun, is by picking up someone else’s meal, or even better: Joining a dinner. Here are some tips that will make you the ideal guest.


Joining a dinner

selecting the right one

There might be several dinners happening in your area soon, so which one should you join? Honestly, it really doesn’t matter. You’ll meet new people and make friends, and try exciting food cooked by people you might not even know, and this is part of what makes Nibblr so fun!


You can see in advance what is being cooked, who is cooking it, and who else is attending the dinner. This way, you can learn more about the people you might be dining with, perhaps you already have some things in common.


No need to be anxious

Are you feeling a little anxious about meeting new people over dinner? Don’t worry, that’s part of it. Not everyone is as extraverted, however, you don’t have to be. The fun part is that you will be joining like-minded people who are there with the same goal: Have a good time, and eat some good food. 


We guarantee: You will join the dinner with strangers and over the course of a meal, create new friends. If it is easier, you can invite your current friends to join you by sharing the dinner with them through the app.


social, social dining behavior

Of course, there are no behavioral rules you have to adhere to. There are however some tips you might want to try that can improve the experience on all sides:



Ask the host in advance if you should bring something. You can bring a bottle of wine, your favorite cheese, dessert, or anything else. This can help the host out, and can also be a 

great conversation starter.


Discuss special dietary requirements in advance. You can contact the host in the app if you have dietary requirements they should know about. Or you might just be curious about the menu.


Feel free to get to know each other in a fun way. Do you have a fun card game that can get everyone familiar with each other, or are you good at coming up with interesting questions for your fellow Nibblers? Feel free to prepare, or guide the conversation so you can all get to know each other in a creative way.


Review the host after the dinner. After the dinner is over, you can leave a review for the host in the app. This helps other users in their decision and is a nice way to show appreciation.


Taking away a meal

Besides dinners, you will also find takeaways located near you on the map. This is an easy and practical way of having home cooked food when you don’t feel like cooking yourself. Here are some quick tips to ensure the experience is great for both the cook and you.


Bring Tupperware if needed. Although there is a good chance you won’t have to, it’s always best to ask. You can do so with the chat function in the app.


Be on time. To prevent disappointment on both sides, make sure you arrive within the timeframe that is displayed in the app.


Keep your distance (during Covid). Since we are currently still in the midst of a pandemic, it is important to respect safety measures: Wash your hands before you go pick up a meal and keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters.


Hosting great dinner parties

Hosting on Nibblr is fun and easy. You don’t have to be a trained chef: Anyone can offer a meal on Nibblr. To get started, press the red ‘Host’ button on the map screen of the app.

Posting a meal

When posting a meal, the first decision you make is whether you’re organizing a dinner or takeaway. The process of setting up a meal is the same for both of them and consists of three steps (see image):


What are you going to cook? The title that you enter here should be clear and catchy as the title will be shown to other users. Veggy, Spicy Casserole, or Power Poké Bowl are examples of this. Titles like Pasta & Wine or Pizza Evening are also great as they already set the scene for the dinner.



After choosing a title, you need to select a price per guest (or portion). Whether you want to make it free, charge a fee that covers your costs, or if you want to make some money off of your efforts is up to you. We cover prices more elaborately later in this guide. You also select the number of servings you will offer.


Date and time

Next, you need to select a date when the dinner or takeaway takes place. Placing a meal further in the future increases your chances of people booking, as they have more time to discover it. We advise you to plan at least 3 days ahead. Give yourself some time to do grocery shopping and prepare.

You will also select a starting and ending time, dinners will take place within this timeframe (or continue for longer of course), for takeaways, this is the timeframe in which people can come and pick up the food you made.


Finally, you select how many hours before the starting time of your dinner or takeaway the reservations close. Setting it to 6 hours for example means that reservations close 6 hours before the dinner (or takeaway).



This is a place where you can be creative. Mention the main ingredients (or all of them), history of the dish, interesting facts, or anything else. This is also the place for you to define what type of dinner you will be organizing: Will there be drinks, is it more formal, should people bring their favorite music playlist, etc.



Address & Bank details

For other people to know where to go, and for you to appear on the Nibblr map, you are required to fill in your address details. As mentioned, other users won’t be able to see your exact location, instead, they will see a grey circle indicating your vicinity. After signing up for your dinner or takeaway, users will receive your address. In order to receive a payment, you need to enter your bank account number and cardholder name (this information is only visible to you). Nibblr keeps your details safe and will delete them once they are no longer necessary.


Tips for hosting a dinner

Hosting dinners on Nibblr is a fun and easy experience. We listed some tips that will ensure you have a great time doing so.



Get strategic with menu planning. Important here is that you time the cooking of dishes in a way that does not leave you in the kitchen the whole time (missing out on the fun). Try to prepare and cook some things ahead, if that suits your style. Also, don’t put pressure on yourself for cooking the perfect dishes. If it’s all about the food for you, then go ahead and show off your culinary skills. For your guests, however, it will be mainly about the social experience, and trying out some new dishes.


Prepare in advance: Food prep, mental prep, apartment prep. Plan out the recipe and the ingredients you will need for it, also give yourself enough time in the Nibblr app to go grocery shopping. You will be having guests over so you might want to clean those two-day-old dishes or pick up an abandoned sock from the floor but no need to clean the entire house, whatever makes you feel comfortable. Finally, take a moment to consider whatever you’re feeling (busy week, nervousness, stress, or just happiness!) and ground yourself: Now is the time to have some fun and eat good food.


Be easy on yourself. Nibblr is not about creating the perfect culinary dining experience for a high-end group of guests, it’s about connecting and having fun over food! Your guests won’t have any expectations besides a good time.


Capture the moment. Although you don’t want to spend the evening on your phone, it is nice to capture the moment with a quick picture. Make sure to share it with Nibblr on Instagram or Facebook, or post it yourself and tag #eatmeetshare, we will reshare it!


Tips for hosting takeaways

Hosting a takeaway is easy, you cook the food, someone else comes to pick it up (duh). If your dish should be served warm it’s best to cook it fresh just before the pickup slot. You might also sell frozen dumplings for example so your guests can enjoy them whenever they feel like it.

Think ahead on how easily your dish can be carried. For some extra service, you can provide paper bags or Tupperware, otherwise, make sure to let the guests know that they should bring their own.


Finally, don’t limit yourself to food: Do you make the best Iced Caramel latte? Or are you a cocktail wizard? This is perfect for takeaway.

Final tips and tricks

You’re almost ready to be an awesome Nibbler, here are some final tips and tricks that will ensure you get the most out of the experience.


Setting the right price

Whether you make your dishes free or ask a price is completely up to you. When doing the latter, make sure your prices are accessible: We find it important that home cooked meals are accessible to everyone from a price perspective. It all depends on the ingredients you use, the effort that is put in, and the margin you want to get. To get a reference, it is a good idea to check other meals on Nibblr and see what they cost. We advise to not go above 15,- for both dinners and takeaways. Prices below 10,- tend to work best (remember that cheaper portions are more likely to attract more guests).


Join Nibblr groups

In the Nibblr app, there are a number of communities you can join. In these communities, like-minded people share their dinners and takeaways, and soon, you will be able to chat, share recipes, and make friends! You can join one by clicking ‘social’ in the navigation bar, and swiping left to ‘groups’, find one or more you like, and join!


Let us know about your experience

Whether positive or negative, we would love to get your feedback. If you share images or experiences with us there is a good chance we will share it on our socials! If your experience was not so great and you’d like to let us know, you can do so by clicking ‘Contact’ in your profile on the Nibblr app. If you’re experiencing problems with the app, click ‘Bug report’ and let us know, we will fix it as soon as possible.


Use our blog if you don’t know what to cook

Are you low on inspiration, or simply looking for some new recipes and ideas? Make sure to check out the Nibblr blog! We post about recipes, your experiences, social dining tips, and more. Want to know more about social dining? Click this link: https://www.nibblr.app/blog/15/what-is-social-dining

To find all our other blogs, visit our website: https://www.nibblr.app/blog

Okay, this was it. You are now ready to attend dinners, take away delicious meals, or cook something up yourself. You know your way around our app, and you know where to join our community of Nibblers. The only thing left to do is get started! Download the app on our website ( https://www.nibblr.app/ ), and join or host something. We wish you a lot of fun engaging in social dining!