A couple of weeks ago I had dinner with friends where I cooked – which I always get too excited and too involved to make the nicest dish ever.

My go-to dish is always risotto, since I’ve grown up watching and helping my mom making it, I’ve learned how to make it without any recipe – just by heart. However, what goes inside the risotto always changes, depending on the craving, diet wishes, and season.

Since it is Spring, I got overly excited to cook something with asparagus, since I had just bought some fresh ones on the local market.

Going through the market, I got what my mind said would be a good fit. Asparagus, mushrooms, burrata, and truffle oil with some lemon zest. The dish was such a success that I thought it would be only fair to share so you can make yourself and impress your fellow Nibblers in your next dinner using the app.

A tip from a friend: make an extra batch, they will want to repeat!



Asparagus mushroom risotto with truffle oil, lemon and burrata

Serve: 4 people


500g Risotto rice (Arborio rice)

250g Mushrooms

400g asparagus

1 onion

3 cloves garlic

3 burrata

Truffle olive oil

Parmeggiano Reggiano



-        Sauté onion & garlic in butter.

-        Add the dry arborio and coat it with the delicious butter. (Sometimes I do a combo of butter & olive oil).

-        Add dry white wine and stir.

-        Once the wine is absorbed, you start adding your simmering broth. I do a soup ladle at a time and I always use vegetable broth.

-        As said, use a wooden spoon and stir in the same direction.

-        Halfway done, add sliced mushrooms and asparagus and cook everything together until it gets to the consistency you want.

-        When it's gotten to the consistency you want, crack some fresh pepper in and then taste it to see if it needs additional salt or whatever other seasoning you want -- it may not need depending on how salty your broth is.

-        Be generous with grating fresh parm over the top when you're done. Or! Stir in cut-up fresh mozzarella if you want to make it more cheesy.

-        When done, drizzle some truffle oil, lemon zest, and put on top your burrata. Voilà, enjoy!!!