We know that no one would take a step forward and confesses of being a terrible guest. You’re a delight to have around, right? See how much you score on our Nibblr Dream Guest Checklist!


DO let the host know about your dietary requirements

Nothing is worse than getting all excited over a meal, and then finding out you are not able to eat it. If you happen to be terribly allergic to peanuts, eggs, or [insert random food], let your host know before they do their groceries. For every Nibblr dinner, you can make use of the Table Chat to communicate with your host and fellow table-mates.


DON’T feel pressured to bring a gift

Some Nibblr guests bring a bottle of wine or something similar as a token of gratitude, but this is absolutely not necessary or expected from you! If you want to do something extra, other than the small fee you already paid for the meal, you can always ask the host if there’s anything they need for the dinner.


DO make an effort to mingle

Introduce yourself to everyone in the room and try to have spoken to every person on the dinner table by the end of the night. Remember that not everyone is as outgoing, and by being showing interest in your other table-mates, you’ll help make everyone feel included. Also, you’ll be helping out your host, by giving them a break from entertaining the crowd.


DON’T be on your phone

Seems like common sense, but let’s be honest, you do it too sometimes! Being glued to your phone may give your host the impression that the Nibblr dinner isn’t interesting enough. Leave your phone in your pocket or bag, and if you really do need to use it, excuse yourself and do it somewhere else. That Tinder message can wait.



Of course you can always whip out your phone to take some pictures of the dinner, if you share it using #eatmeetshare!


DO offer to help clean up

(Even if you don’t actually mean what you’re saying and are low-key hoping that your host will tell you to sit down and don’t do anything). The good thing about social dining is that there will be more hands to do the work, so you’ll be done in no time!


DON’T criticize your host’s lifestyle (or cooking skills)

The fun part about Nibblr is that you have the opportunity to experience some delicious dinners in other people’s homes you won’t normally have access to. That’s something special, so make sure you won’t kicked out for being disrespectful!


DO give your host a review on Nibblr after the dinner

Part of the Nibblr-experiences is being able to share! Sharing food and stories is one thing, but sharing your opinion about the dinner is also important! By giving your host a positive review, others will be more likely to join their cook-out. Besides, who doesn’t love a bit of sweet talk?